Talks and appearances I’ve had over the years

DevRelThe all powerful Junior Developer Advocate

how having a Junior Developer Advocate on your Developer Relations team can enhance your product and improve the content that you create.

Talk - Nov 2021

Fullstack-appsBuilding a Course Platform in a Weekend

Learn how to build and deploy a fullstack course platform app, where you can have free and paywalled content. Built using Next.js, MDX, TailwindCSS, Stripe, Prisma, PlanetScale and Vercel.

Talk - Oct 2021

PrismaWhat's new in Prisma - 2.24

Livestream where we showcased the new features in the 2.24 release- First time as a host :D

Livestream - Jun 2021

Developer RelationsHow to get Started in Developer Relations

A discussion on creating content and getting started in Developer Relations

Livestream - May 2021

GraphQLThe Beginner's Guide to GraphQL

An introduction to what GraphQL is and why it's awesome

Connect Dev Africa Meetup - May 2021

Developer CommunitiesHow Developer Communities improve Developer Experience

A discussion on how developer communities help in improving the developer experience when working with a tool.

Podcast - May 2021

PrismaFull Stack Serverless with Prisma & Next.js

Learn how to build a serverless contact management app with Next.js, Prisma, Typescript, Tailwind, and NextAuth.js.

Twitch Livestream - Feb 2021

React + Auth0Securing React Apps Using Auth0

An introduction to the different authentication strategies and showing how to add authentication to a React app using Auth0.

Egghead Talks - Oct 2020

Personal ExperienceBeginner Pitfalls: My Personal Journey

A talk on the mistakes I made when learning how to code.

ByteConf React - May 2020

Web PerformanceWhy Gatsby Is Awesome

A talk on what is Gatsby and how it creates incredibly fast websites.

EgyptJS - Apr 2020

Book ReviewHooked: How To Build Habit Forming Products

A lightning-talk about patterns used by apps that hook and engage us.

EgyptJS - Aug 2019